Can you Handle the World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle? Over 32,000 Pieces!



Test your puzzle-making skills with the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle! The jigsaw puzzle boasts over 32,000 pieces. Yes! That’s 32,000 puzzle pieces!

The puzzle features the colorful and vibrant art works of  pop artist Keith Haring. When completed, the puzzle will form a mural that is made up of thirty-two neo-pop works that all-in-all measures almost 18 feet across and over 6 feet high.

The gigantic puzzle weighs over 40 pounds, but don’t worry, this record-holder comes with its own hand cart for easy transportation. The puzzle is manufactured by Ravensburger of Germany.

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World's Largest Puzzle



This is the ultimate challenge for puzzle fanatics.

The complexity of Haring’s works that consist the huge puzzle makes it even more challenging. Haring’s works, which are most popular during the twentieth century, use flat shading and limited color palette.

After you finally place the final piece of this jigsaw puzzle, you’ll be satisfied to know that you created a masterpiece that is over 6 feet tall and nearly 18 feet wide. The world’s largest jigsaw puzzle covers an area of 110 square feet.

Keith Haring puzzle is World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle.
Man doing snow angels in the 32,000-piece World's Largest Puzzle.

The puzzle is so big that it comes with its own dolly!

A mini dolly is included when buying this puzzle. The world-renowned puzzle manufacturers felt that a dolly should be included to make the transportation of the 42-pound puzzle more manageable.

World's Largest Puzzle comes with its own transportation dolly.

Set aside the next six months.

Deciding to face this challenge is a major commitment. But if ever you finished this puzzle, your reward if twofold: a great sense of accomplishment and a beautiful 110–square foot puzzle that features masterpieces of Keith Haring.

The jigsaw puzzle can take approximately 900 man-hours to be completed, according to the people who successfully solved it. That would be equivalent to 112 eight-hour days, so you would probably need to ask for some time off from work to complete this one.

Man and woman working on the World's Largest Puzzle.

Even the manufacturer is trying to help you!

Ravensburger decided to divide the puzzle into eight bags. Each bag corresponds to a block of four images in the puzzle, and each contains 4,032 puzzle pieces. The manufacturers decided to do this to make the challenge a little bit easier and manageable to complete.

Although the division makes it a bit easier for you, you’ll still have to deal with 4,032 pieces that feature solid colors, no shading, and relatively few number of edge pieces. And you also have to deal with lots of indecipherable white pieces.

World's Largest Puzzle box contents.

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