Baffling Moment 3 Cars Suddenly Levitate in the Middle of Busy Crossroads


Some weird accidents have happened throughout the years, like how a man ended up shooting a nail into his own heart or how a keyless remote caused a car to explode. But you will probably find this road accident as the most baffling because of how things just suddenly took a rather bizarre turn.

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In the middle of a busy crossroad in central China, three cars appeared to levitate all at the same time. The whole incident was caught on CCTV, and looking at the video, it looks like that the cars were lifted by an unknown force.

The intriguing accident happened in the city of Xingtai. It’s still unsure whether there were people who got injured during the ordeal, but one thing is for certain, it was not caused by an alien or a real-life Hulk.


According Chinese reports, a piece of steel cable was lying on the road at the time and was caught up by a street sweeper’s brush. This then caused a chain reaction to the three vehicles, causing them to be lifted up when the cable was accidentally pulled. The first car ended up landing on its side, while the other two vehicles only felt a slight lift.


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