Check Out the Zombie Lover’s Red Velvet Brain Cake …A Must Have for any Haunted House!


Are you gearing up for Halloween? If your answer is yes, then this sumptuous Brain Cake is a must-prepare treat for those little ghosts and goblins on the spookiest night of the year.

Yolanda Gampp of YouTube channel How to Cake It has been baking for 18 years already. And over that span of time, she realized her real passion is more centered on taking cake decoration to a whole new level. Recently, she shared her very own version of the Brain Cake, inspired by The Walking Dead‘s premiere this week. While its name sounds gross, she strongly believes that zombies also deserve to celebrate Halloween.

To create the Brain Cake, these are among the items she used:

  • a red velvet cake
  • fondant icing
  • seedless raspberry jam

This is how Yolanda made it:

1. First, carve the red velvet cake into something that looks like a brain.

2. And then shower it with the raspberry syrup so that it looks fresh and moist.

3.  Now you can roll your fondant, form it like brain tissues, and place it over the brain-shaped cake.




4. Once you have covered the brain cake with the rolled fondant icing, brush raspberry jam all over it. Make sure you don’t miss a single nook.

5. Finally, invite your undead pals over for a delicious brain feast.



Here is an advice when eating the cake. Make sure you don’t use fork . . . because zombies eat with their hands.


Watch Yolanda’s demo video below: