Check out the World’s First Pizza Vending Machine

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Italy is bringing their love of pizza to a different level with their latest innovation- a pizza vending machine that creates pizza in less than three minutes.

Created by A1 Concepts, Let’s Pizza is the first pizza vending machine in the world according to the World Record Academy. It is a free standing pizza maker that kneads and rolls its own dough into a 10.5 inch pie.



Let’s Pizza processes your order right in front of your eyes as you wait. It has a special type of flour and a stored mineral water needed to create dough. It also has an infrared oven for cooking the dough.

After the pizza is cooked depending on the order, it slides out through the front in an insulated take-away box. The option of a disposable cutter is also available.

Each machine holds ingredients for 200 pizzas and offers four varieties of pizza.



Let’s Pizza became a huge success not just in Italy but also in other parts of Europe. The company is looking forward to expand in United States and set up pizza machines in public areas like in malls, airports, hospitals and universities.   See Worlds Largest and Best Pizza creations ever made





Let’s Pizza accepts coins and bank notes and also provides change. Check out below how your Italian pizza is efficiently cooked and served by this contemporary vending machine:


See Worlds Largest and Best Pizza creations ever made


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