This Elaborate Chinese City Was Purposely Sunk to the Bottom of the Sea …You Won’t Believe Why

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The Atlantis of the East, as travelers call it, is an underwater city. It is basically an interesting and elaborate entity beneath the waters of Imperial China. At 40 meters below sea level, the massive stone architecture of the Qing and Ming dynasties can be seen. It is preserved to perfection under Qiandao Lake in Zheijiang province, which is only 400 kilometers south of Shanghai.

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Legends say that the ancient city was abandoned about half a century ago. It was the time when a dam flood the valley where the giant stone architecture was built. However, this story is completely different from the Atlantis tale. In 1959, Shicheng, which means Lion City in Mandarin, was flooded on purpose. The reason they did this was to pursue the Xin’an Dam project, as well as its hydroelectric station.

At that time, about 300,000 people were asked to relocate, even if they had a lineage in this city that ran for centuries.

The city was once flourishing and stayed that way for thousands of years. Unfortunately, this thriving metropolis is now 85 to 131 feet under water. Surprisingly, despite being in the water for years, some wooden parts are still completely intact.

To document the preservation of the ruins, a film crew was sent to capture the hidden beauty from underneath.

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