A Collection of the Craziest Corporate Logo Tattoo Fails

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Some mistakes are easily corrected, others are so grave that we can’t correct them. But there are people who make plainly stupid mistakes that instead of feeling sorry for them, you’ll laugh at them. This list will feature truly unfortunate corporate logo tattoo fails. This is a photo compilation of inked up folks who think that permanently marking their bodies with corporate logos is “artistic.”

These funny fashion blunders will make you wonder whether these people were drunk when getting their tattoos. Check out the funny photos below.

Who needs actual shoes when I can just tattoo them on my feet!

We’re sad about Twinkies too but dude! This is just…sad.

We love drinking beer but not this much!

Wanna know why she have this tattoo? Google it!

He has the body to show it!

This Guy’s Desperate Hope That Women Really Will Do Anything for a Louis Vitton

A Celtic KFC’s Colonel… cool!

The newest McDonald’s Eco-friendly receipt.

Ancient Native American symbol tattoo!

We Beg to Differ

We know you love Wendy’s

We wonder if what would Coco say about this.

She has a specific target market in mind.

Hey, can we shut it down too?

So hip! Not!


Verizon’s Short Lived Customer Rewards Program

Lost a bet, huh?

All bloggers should have this!

Wrong way to impress a lady, dude!

Even Marlboro complained about this.

You can’t ‘unsee’ this!

This is simply tragic.

Truly loving it!

A tribute to three day old hot dogs!

When standing in line for 6 hours isn’t enough.

We can see the result!

The new way to dress up.

Caffeine addiction

Too much energy drinks!

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