Cool Movie Gadgets We Wish Existed


Let’s be honest, films have those magical, life-saving solutions that we average people could use to make our lives a bit more interesting. They’re also able to show such amazing things like dodge bullets, out-run explosions, or learn martial arts skills in a short period of time, making us wish we had those abilities.

So, in line with this, we have gathered some of the items and powers from films that we personally want to have. Check out what these are below:

Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak from Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

Now be true to yourself, if there’s anything you’d want more than the wands from Harry Potter, it’s the invisibility cloak. As its name suggests, the cloak makes you invisible when you put it on. You can just stealthily slip in and out of places you’d like to go to. Just remember, with a great item comes great responsibility.

The Point of View Gun from A Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy

This gun would be the perfect way to finally make someone truly understand you. Although it may look like you’re forcing your thoughts on someone, this gun is the best way to say the things you can’t say to the person you’re having an issue with. It wouldn’t necessarily resolve the issue at hand, but maybe the person would see it from your perspective once they actually feel your emotions.

Contact Lenses from I-Spy

These contact lenses are the perfect technology anybody can have. It allows you to record with sound and allow someone to see your field of vision as well. It’s like a GoPro, only smaller and undetectable.

Agent K’s Neutralizer from Men In Black

The neuralyzer is useful item that anyone could use whenever necessary. It will provide a quick yet permanent escape from those embarrassing moments. The neuralyzer is an item that shows us how some things are better left forgotten.


Wolverine’s Self-Healing Mutation

Imagine the physical limits to which you could push your body if you could heal faster than someone could say “Jack Rabbit!”. We wouldn’t have any problem with accidents and the mortality rate for the human populace would really lower down. It would make us immortal and invincible!



The Remote Control from Click

In films, messing with time can lead to very bad results. However, there are some things in the past that we would truly want change. If only we had the remote from the movie Click.

The Light Saber from Star Wars

What if you had the Light Saber from Star Wars in your hands, imagine the things you can do. You wouldn’t need a flashlight anymore because the light saber is also a good source of light. Trimming the lawn wouldn’t be as hard as it used to be. Just be careful with it though, you wouldn’t want to accidentally slice something or someone unintentionally.

The Teleporter from Star Trek

If they’re able to manufacture this amazing device in the near future, it would be the best invention yet. Having a teleporting device would truly be convenient for everyone. You can just travel instantaneously from one place to another. You won’t have to deal with traffic. You won’t be late in going to work. Having such a device would truly be time efficient.

Even with our current technology, it’s only fair to say that it’s still impossible for us to acquire these items and powers. But, tomorrow is still uncertain. Who knows, maybe medicine in the near future will allow us to instantaneously heal our bodies, or maybe it will allow us to physically teleport from one place to another. Only time will tell.


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