Couple Creates Celebrity Cupcakes …A Kardashian Cupcake In Your Future?



After meeting on Tinder, Benny and his partner started going out on dates. And since they share the same passions, which is fashion and baking, they started the business, EatgoodNYC, which is also testament for love for New York City, .

One day, they thought it would be fun and exciting to put someone’s face on a cupcake, and then let them eat it. And, their concept became successful after they made one. So, they decided, “We should make famous people and pop culture icons on cupcakes!”

Using a mini cupcake canvas, the pair has already created sweet confections for celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian, as well as beautiful cityscapes of New York City.

Here are some of their creations:







Check out this video of their creativity:


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