Couple Celebrates Big Day with a Leap of Faith as They Tie the Knot 160 ft Above the Ground

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If you are thinking of unique ways to tie the knot, here’s something you should try. This one may look dangerous, but actually, it’s memorable and exciting.

Imagine yourself getting married 160 feet above the ground and taking a plunge off the platform after saying “I do.” Guess even the mere thought of doing t already sends shivers down your spine. How much more if you do it yourself? You might be thinking now that no couple will ever want to do this on their special day. But whether you believe it or not, a thrill-seeking pair just did.

Love was literally in the air after this couple got married on a platform, hanging 50 meters above the ground. And they were not contented with it because after exchanging their sweet vows, they bungee-jumped off the edge.

The ceremony was attended and witnessed by the celebrant and 20 guests who were all strapped into their designated chairs on an elevated platform. There was also another platform intended for the pianist and the orchestra.

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Sandra and Jeroen Kippers were the first-ever couple who celebrated their day with a leap of faith and got married up in the air. Since the pair’s one-of-a-kind feat, dozens of other couples want to imitate their odd ceremony.

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