Creative Bar Stools Make Great Conversation Pieces …Check Out Why These Are So Hilarious!

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Normally, picking a bar seat involves more about who you’re sitting next to than about the seat.  As long as you feel comfortable with where your buttocks rests, then that’s it. End of story. However, maybe you should start considering your choice in bar stools, because like our cars, it can be a symbol of your personality or the theme of the bar. Maybe it’s time to say good-bye to the conventional boring seats and welcome to these creatively designed bar stools.

Martini Glass Bar Stools

Martini anyone?

Candy-Coated Stools

Great for Candy Stores or soda shops



Pallet Stools

Recycle those old pallets into these ingenious stools.

Underwear Stools

You might want to take a second look at that. Seriously.

Camera Lens Stool

Your hipster friend would love to have this.



Animal Bar Stools

Tiger Animal Stool Large,33.07″H


Is it your lifelong dream to become an animal hybrid? Then this is just the chair for you.

Wood Block Stools

Chandler 24″ Wood Block Cube


If you are going for the simplicity-is-beauty look, take this.

Bicycle Stools

Best Selling Michael Bicycle Wheel Adjustable Bar Stool


Work out and get a drink? Great!



Check out more creative bar stools below.