Where Bad Souls Go

After a Near-Death Experience, This Man Explains Where Bad Souls Go


What happens after you die?—this is a question that has undeniably crossed everyone’s mind. Death is part of the cycle of life. No matter what age, race, gender, religion, or social status you have, you cannot escape death.

Stories about a near-death experience have always fascinated people. A near-death experience, or NDE, is a personal experience connected to impending death. These experiences include a variety of sensations like body detachment, levitation, security, warmth, and the presence of light. Some people even claim to have seen dead relatives and historical figures appear before them. As radical as these claims are, no one has been able to fully disprove them, which brings us back to the question, Where do people go when they die?

The man below claims to have a firsthand experience with the afterlife. Not only does he explain where the dead go when they depart from earth, but he also claims to have seen where bad souls go, where they are condemned to.

Is THIS What Happens When We Die? Man with Near-Death Experience Explains Where Bad Souls Go

An anonymous Reddit user going by the username aLongLastingLimp took to the social media site to share about his personal near-death experience. The man had drowned in an Olympic pool and said that emergency personnel were making several desperate attempts to revive him.

While all this was happening in the real world, the man reported that he had been “gifted knowledge of where it is that good souls go to and where the doomed souls are sent to.”

He describes mankind’s final destination as two separate pathways:

“When you die, you’ll know you’re dead because one of two things will happen—you’ll either be travelling through what will look like a tunnel of light shooting all around you, or you’ll be in a place that comes with nothing but fear and darkness all around.”

The man said that he was led to the “dark place” and further explained what this lifeless void was like, saying, “This place has no light; in this place, you’ll know you’re in hell and that you’ll be there for all eternity.”

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Grim Reaper

He added this chilling description of hell:

“No thoughts except for ones knowing you are a bad person haunt your mind. The darkness leaves you in a terrified paralysis where you can’t see anything except for the vast dark emptiness of a hellish universe with no stars, no light, no anything, not even thought.

“I wouldn’t wish my worse enemy to go to this place.”

Fortunately, the man also got a glimpse of where the good people go. He describes this place as a tunnel that resembles a glowing cord that is “being slowly whipped around in space and all the light shooting around inside are good souls going in all the same direction to a better place.”

He was then guided to the cord and saw something “amazing,” although this was never fully described in his post. The vision was later interrupted after he woke up to live another day on earth.

This person’s NDE story is strikingly similar to the experiences reported by people around the world. The coincidence has led many to believe that there is an afterlife and that some folks have already seen a glimpse of it. But skeptics are quick to dismiss these claims, saying that there are logical explanations for this phenomenon. In the man’s case, some Reddit users have pointed out that he could have been hallucinating due to the lack of oxygen in his body.

So was he hallucinating, or was he able to cross the bridge to the afterlife and really see where bad souls go? You decide.

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