These Disney Films are Not as Child-Friendly as You Might Think …See What You Missed


Children’s films are made for kids and nothing more. Sad to say, behind those classic characters, feel-good music, jaw-dropping special effects, and predictable happy endings, there hide some sexual innuendos you might have not noticed all your life—until now.

It seems that the creative team behind Pixar and Disney studios have their own way of slipping in sexual messages that appear innocent for kids but have a different meaning for adults. Even though they’re trying to prove that they are just misinterpretations and misunderstandings created out of the imaginative minds of the viewers, perhaps, adding those ideas makes them fun for the whole family.

Although they are rated child-friendly, these children’s films contain some sexual innuendos you don’t want your kids to know about.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit


The 1988 American live-action/animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit involves murder and adultery in its plot. It is no surprise that its filmmakers were able to sneak in some hidden sexual messages.

In the scene where Bob Hoskins and Jessica’s taxi crashed and hit a light post, both flew out of the car. Jessica’s beautiful, iconic dress flew up, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any undies. Even if it wasn’t really noticeable as the scene lasted for a couple of frames, animators were able to see a glimpse of it through the power of pause.



Whether you believe it or not, the 1977 Disney classic film Hercules hides a sexual innuendo, which involves the villain River Guardian.

At one point, Hades sent Meg to recruit the River Guardian for his army. However, he had one condition. He would only join if Meg would become his lover. Since Meg refused, the villain became furious. Fortunately, Hercules came to the rescue. He fought with the River Guardian until his own horseshoe fell into his head. As a result, a huge bump shaped like a male’s organ grew on top of his head.

A Bug’s Life


A Bug’s Life follows the story of the inventive ant named Flick.  He works with a team of circus bugs, which includes a ladybug, a praying mantis, a caterpillar, a flea, a moth, a black widow spider, and a walking stick, in order to defeat a group of acquisitive Grasshoppers, who stole his ant colony’s food supply.

In a certain scene, a pair of flies asks Francis the ladybug, “Hey, cutie, wanna pollinate with a real bug?” For kids, it doesn’t mean anything, but for the kids at heart, it was evident that it was a sex joke.


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The 1950 Disney movie Cinderella centers on the story of a mistreated stepdaughter named Cinderella who later turned into a princess. She has several animal friends, which include the two mice Jaq and Gus.

In almost all scenes they were included, the best friends were together. They ate together, went on adventures together, and got into troubles together. Aside from that, they also experimented together. In fact, there is this one scene when they were caught in a pretty awkward position. While collecting the beads from a broken jewelry piece, Jaq begins putting the beads he gathered onto the tail of Gus. Though the scene looks playful for kids, adults will definitely assume the two are experimenting with some sex toys.

Toy Story


The 1995 Pixar movie Toy Story has introduced us to some of the most adorable characters in the history of animation, such as Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear. They actually belong to Andy, a boy who treats his toys not like inanimate objects but more like friends.

A boy named Sid lives across Andy’s home. He takes joy in tormenting and torturing his toys. He tears them apart and create new creatures from its parts. Although most toys he created seem like innocent toys, there is this one bizarre toy that has a pair of Barbie legs with a dangling hook. Apparently, it suggests that it is a hooker.



Ratatouille is a 2007 Pixar classic that centers on the unlikely friendship of a rat and a human named Remy. As the film nears the end, the notorious restaurant critic Anton Ego visits the restaurant Remy is working for. He then gives him some lessons about food before tasting it. He states, “If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow it.” It is obvious, though, that the lessons aren’t about the food. Instead, it is about sex. Nevertheless, Pixar did a great job in slipping in some sexual innuendo without everyone noticing it.



Over the years, there has been lots of rumors and speculations about the hidden sexual innuendo in the 1992 classic Disney movie Aladdin 

In the scene where Aladdin was trying to court Jasmine, he whispers to the princess’s pet tiger, “Good kitty, take off and go.” For teenagers, the phrase sounds an awful statement suggesting someone to take off his or her clothes.

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