Drive the Little Tikes’ Cozy Coupe on the Road …The Toy Car for Adults!


Toys are very important to children and this one will bring a flood of memories. The popular Little Tikes car was a classic toy to almost every child growing up. The iconic playtime partner is now available for grown-ups who are still children at heart.

John Bitmead, a mechanic from Oxford, England, made an adult version of the Little Tikes plastic car.



On sale for $33,264, the vehicle took four months to make and only has 5,000 on the odometer.

That’s a steep price for a toy modeled car and you’ll have to bundle up because its open aired without any glass. But if its attention you want, this is your car!



There isn’t much protection from the elements, but it’s suitable for a short drive. Great for driving around when the weather is pleasant and we should remind readers… This toy is for grown-ups only.


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