This Guy Wields a Dual Cannon Machine Gun That Shoots Fireworks …This is Bad Ass!

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If you think you already had the best summer, then we are pretty sure this insane fireworks would make you want to think again. Whether you’ve become tan and drunk a lot or buried your foot into the sand or you haven’t done any of these things, we believe there is more fun than that. For us, what’s fun is when you have some crazy neighbors playing with the Roman Candle fireworks with dual machine guns.

The guy above goes by the username iZHarms on YouTube. And obviously, from the look on his face, he surely did have a great summer. He held his dual machine gun straight up, just like what we see in The Matrix movies, filled it with fireworks, and then shot it around like a boss. Without any doubt, he is a bad ass.


Watch his video below:


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