Everyone Is Freaking Out Over a Suspected Cloud City That Appeared in China …What is It?


Is it a mirage? Hallucination? A sign from above? The said city was momentarily observed (and captured on video) in the sky over Foshan in the Guangdong province, and then a few days later, over the Jiangxi province, a similar sky city appeared.

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Could this be a product of Fata Morgana?

Daily Mail explains that a Fata Morgana can be seen on sea or land. It is a type of mirage that distorts distant objects. The optical illusion occurs when the sun heats up the atmosphere above the oceans or land, creating a gradient of temperatures, which then would result to the phenomena.

There are layers of warmer air above the relatively cool one close to the surface. Light travels and bends at a different angle when it hits a boundary between the two layers that have different temperatures and, as result, acquire different densities as well.

Although scientifically plausible, is this too simple of an explanation?

A close up of the 'floating city' which was created by an optical illusion. Some say it was a test by Nasa to develop holographic technology

What if it is the so called Project Blue Beam?

But what exactly is it? Apparently, Project Blue Beam claims that NASA will someday simulate the second coming of Christ or simulate an alien invasion through holograms. However, this is only a conspiracy theory.

With NASA’s budget, it would be impossible for them to even stage a Tupac hologram concert, much less a sky city. Aside from that, our current technology wouldn’t be able to provide enough energy for such a thing.

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