Falling Water Is the Latest Sensation …All the Fun Without Getting Wet!


If you’re the type that enjoys a walk in the rain, unless you carry an umbrella or wear waterproof gear, you’re going to get wet. But not in the Rain Room—an area installed with falling water but once inside, your body stays dry… How does this happen?

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The creators of Rain Room used around 528 gallons of recycled water to complete the self-contained installation. Guests can play in the rain, hear sounds of thunder, and feel like they are really under the pouring rain. But when they get out, they are completely dry, not a single sign of water can be seen.

The Rain Room was first launched in New York and London and is currently in Los Angeles County Museum of Art or LACMA. Showing are scheduled until March 2016 and visitors are allowed to take photos of the area. Rain Room will make you wish the rain never goes away.

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Make sure you watch these videos below to see the installation in action.


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