Find Out How You Can Hire This Clown to Scare Kids Straight


The pasty-faced, dead-eyed clown named Wrinkles in Naples, Florida, has been scaring residents for quite a long time now. The good thing about him is, if your kids misbehave,  he’s out there to help you.



The people in Florida have Wrinkles’ name tattooed in their minds. The infamous scare figure is often seen roaming around public places and outside people’s homes.

Recently, his name created a buzz in the Internet, and for that reason, he keeps getting calls from people who want him to hire him as a clown. Most of these requests are from parents who want Wrinkles to scare their kids, so they will behave.



One recent customer of Wrinkles was a woman who has a delinquent son who was scared of clowns. The woman then shared that whenever her son now misbehaves, she tells him Wrinkles may appear again if he doesn’t straighten up.




In an interview with the Post, Wrinkles, who is actually a war veteran, shared that it has always been his dream to be a professional clown, but that was a dream he made when he was still fond of kids. But now he says they can get really whiny, so he wants to calm them down by freaking them out.

But according to Wrinkles, along with the fame come those requests that are just weird and dubious, which he rejects right way.




Watch how Wrinkles scare people out.


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