Foodie, Who Can’t Get Enough of Pork, Changes Middle Name to ‘I Love Spam’


This man loves spam so much, he has found an extraordinary—but bizarre—way to express it.

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Mark Benson, a 41-year-old Spam fan from Halewood, Liverpool, loves the breakfast dish so much he actually changed his middle to “I Love Spam”. Turns out, he doesn’t just like eating Spam, but he has a huge memorabilia collection too, including a Spam suit and even Spam hats.


Benson can cook up Spam dishes, something he shared with his two children. “I love Spam for breakfast with toast and we make all the different recipes from the Spam Web site. We’ll have them up to four times a week,” he shared to Loose Women. After the article about him was published online, he has been getting positive responses from his actions. Loose Women even referred him as a “New Hero.”

Now the self proclaimed “Spam Man” decided to do something drastic to express his love for the canned meat by legally changing his name.


Benson’s grandfather, Thomas Farrell, played a big part in Benson’s love affair with Spam. The former war veteran worked in Newfroge Foods’ Gateacre, which produced the food. Not long after, Benson began eating the food himself and the rest was history.


Benson isn’t ashamed to hide his love for Spam. His home is filled with posters and collectibles that would most likely increase in value over the years.


“I felt like I had to change my name as a tribute to my grandad and the war effort but it does get a lot of laughs. The postman asks if the ‘Spam man’ is in and I get some funny looks when I check into hotels,” Benson said. His partner, Anne Moseley, is also onboard with Mark’s strange obsession and their daughters Evie and Millie. The girls have humored him by singing the iconic Mony Python song “Spam”.


Benson’s effort got the attention of the people from Spam and they made him brand ambassador.

“As you can imagine Spam brand has many fans across the world, but Mark really stands out when it comes to going that extra mile,” a spokesperson for the company said. “We especially love that his children and colleagues are now fans after his boundless enthusiasm rubbed off on them.”


Still speaking of Benson, the people over at Spam have nothing but nice words for him:

“We can’t wait to welcome Mark along as a true Spambassador and let more local people know about what Spam can really do.”

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