Diving with Alligators, Man Risks Life to Collect Lost Golf Balls for Living


Hazards are not limited to animals. During his dives, Glenn also saw chairs, tables, umbrellas, bird skulls, dead fish, and even lawn mowers and golf carts.

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The diver-entrepreneur has contracts on 30 golf courses in Florida, and over time, he’s collected over 15 million balls that he sends to his warehouse to be cleaned with bleach, water, degreaser, and other chemicals.


When the balls dry, he has to sort them out according to value and bags them so that they can be sold through his company, called Bustin Balls.

His best day, according to him, was when he managed to collect 17,000 balls in one day.

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Glenn has been diving in alligator-infested waters for over a decade, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to dealing with dangers in the lakes. He shared, “The golden rule is to never put your hand inside. My friend did once and he touched a body.”

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