This Guy Takes Pictures With His Girlfriend …But there is a VERY Bizarre Twist



Keisuke Jinushi is a 28-year-old man from Japan who works as a freelance photographer. And, he is redefining the term love. He captured some great shots with his girlfriend and uploaded them on his Instagram account.

The romance, love, and dating scenes all look absolutely real. He has a clever way of enjoying dating scenarios and some of it is pretty funny, too.

This is Keisuke Jinushi and his partner.

Kissing when no one is watching.

He has captured many dating moments, but he still gets embarrassed whenever he takes out his tripod to take pictures.


Capturing the romance.

People will think he’s weird for kissing an invisible girl.


He ignores others and enjoys his time and work.



This is all in good fun.

It looks just like she’s feeding him.

Keisuke does his photography with his invisible girl.


He is not ashamed of being single and he doesn’t need anyone to be happy.

He loves himself.

His grandmother wants him to stop doing this.

His grandmother cried when she saw these pictures thinking he was getting desperate for a partner.

He says you will miss being single, once you have a partner.


The clever way to love oneself.

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