These People Had Only One Job to Do…and They Failed Miserably

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Misspelled signs? Wrong labels on items? These simple tasks should be easy to accomplish but some people have find it hard to do them. For whatever reasons, some people can’t seem to do their jobs right. Maybe because they were too tired or their work got too repetitive that they didn’t notice their mistakes.

We compiled the best and funniest job screw ups that we find in the Internet for you to enjoy.


Are you looking at me?




This is just scary.




Red cucumbers.



The new Fanta.


It floats!


Wrong side, mate!


Are you holding a remote?


This is how strawberries look like now.





This is confusing!


Recipe for a disaster.


The hottest paper cut you’ll get.


Look how the tissue screams.



Yellow popping ice!


Happy Birthday!


Sweet onions, anyone?


The catfish is just taking a nap.


This’s awkward.



True that!


They won’t see you because you can’t see them.




The modern woman.


This is actually funny.



For stair-climbing wheelchairs.


What the “F”!


This is what they called people who have too much pop-tarts.


The organic beer.


Milkless cereal.





That’ll teach you a lesson.


One job!


Not too good apparently.





Nice job!


They’re kind of scary too.




Wait for it.





They’re twins actually.


Do you ever Spanish?


You just need a long arm.


Super Batman





Would you apply?


Child and Adult-proof




Too simple


Left, Right? Are you messing with me?





Good job!




Me too.


For adults only.





Day 23: They still didn’t notice me.


Is this an adult store?


Nice name


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