Hairdresser Uses Blow Torch, Swords, and Fire to Make Clients’ Haircut ‘Mathematically Exact’


Remember the 1990 film Edward Scissorhands where Johnny Depp played an artificial man whose hands are basically just pairs of scissors? Well, looks like Edward has finally come to life.

Hairdresser Alberto Olmedo is known among his clients as the real-life Edward Scissorhands because of the way he trims his customers’ hair.

The salon owner from Madrid uses a rather bizarre set of tools to get his job done. While most people find it unconventional, Olmedo says it’s an effective way to get both sides of the cut “mathematically exact.”

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Olmedo explains, “Hairdressers usually cut one side, and then the other, and one side is always a bit different from the other. Even if it’s only a little bit. The only way to it in an exact mathematical way is to cut both sides simultaneously.”

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