When I first Saw These Pictures, I had to Do a Double Take- Whoa

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Do not trust your eyes and perspective.

Sometimes, you get into the position, you pose for the shot, the shutter clicks and the camera flashes. You see the final outcome and realize that all have aligned in a very unusual and bizarre way.

Feast your eyes on these 20 pictures that are deceiving to the eyes. It is all about perception.


1.  That is not what you think it is. It’s just the bicycle seat.

2.  That is just her arm.

3.  That massage place is pretty intimate.

4.  Minnie Mouse’s body has a weird shape.

5.  Those are huge elbows.

6.  Whose hand is down his pants?

7.  This is pretty huge.

8.  A perfect timing to take a picture.

9.  Even a book is sexy.

10.  Woah, his thing has a body!

11.  Inanimate object making an optical illusion.

12.  Just your normal selfie.

13.  Those are amazing legs.

14.  That is one hairy chi — oh, wait.

15.  What’s hangin’?

16.  Her hands can touch anything.

17. I swear to you, that is just a piece of meat. Nothing else.

18.  Just three ladies chillin’

19.  It’s just a tomato.

20.  A couch that can be easily passed of as a posterior.

The next time you take a picture, make sure to check your position and the angle of the focal point first.


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