These are The Most Epic Offices to Work in…They Have Slides, Yes, Slides


Working can turn into a boring and dull experience. Every day, the office reminds us that it is a place for productivity, that we are responsible adults, so we should act like one. The office is the place where there is simply no room to unleash your inner child. This is a place where your childhood memories go to die.

However, some companies have tackled the issue of not having enough fun, and installing a slide in the workplace seems like a pretty good idea to lighten up everyone’s mood.

In addition to tapping fun out of a boring place, slides are much more convenient than using stairs and elevators.

Let’s have a look at some examples of companies with slides in their offices.


1.  Ogilvy & Mather Jakarta


2.  LEGO Denmark


3.  Red Bull London


4.  Google Zurich


5.  Corus Entertainment



6.  Google San Francisco


7.  Google Detroit


8.  Google Mountain View


9.  YouTube


10.  Box



11.  iSelect


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