Heidi Klum Halloween’s Scary Yet Sexy Jessica Rabbit Transformation


As far as costumes go, this one might take the cake.

Heidi Klum, host of Project Runway, dressed to the nines as the ’80s sex symbol, Ms Rabbit from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The cartoon was voiced by Kathleen Turner.

Klum’s costume was very close to the real thing, well, as real as she can get to becoming a cartoon. She had on a skin tight, strapless red dress and a very, very high slit leaving little to nothing to the imagination.

Heidi Klum’s jaw-dropping transformation into the super curvaceous Jessica Rabbit absolutely stunned the guests at her annual costume party held in New York this weekend.

However, the 42-year-old Victoria Secret Angel has since given us a glimpse into the serious efforts it took to achieve the perfect look.

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Heidi, as we know her, quickly began to transform into a more alien-esque figure, with a hardcore team of professional make-up artists and special FX artists, adding rubber, latex and prosthetics in all the right places.

Half way there: Heidi used fake eyelids to copy Jessica Rabbit’s sultry look.

The eyes say it all: Ms Klum’s lashes were a whopping 2 inches long, jet black and sat on top of her new eyelids, which were appropriately painted purple.

In a slew of images posted to her Instagram, Klum revealed that she spent a total of 9 hours transforming herself into the busty cartoon character.

The series of pictures illustrate how a team of very talented make-up artists added layer on top of layer of prosthetic face and body enhancements to flawlessly create the Roger Rabbit star’s curvy and out-of-this-world sexy figure.



Heidi soon found her old self under a rubber mask, which added bigger, more defined cheekbones and over the top cartoon eyelids.

In the no-holds-barred series of images, there were even shots to show just how Klum, who is naturally very slim and slender, filled out to obtain Jessica Rabbit’s hourglass figure.

2 make-up artists can be seem blurring the lines between Klum’s real skin and the fake bottom they’ve attached.

Similarly, a rubber chest-piece was also applied to ensure that Klum had the… ahem,…fully ample bussom that Mrs. Rabbit is so famous for!

Klum’s face transformation seemed to take the longest amount of time, with the reality TV host receiving pretty much a  total makeover with a rubber mask that gave her new ears, a smoothed out head, huge eyelids and plumped up lips that even botox couldn’t even achieve.

Comfortable in her new skin: The ex-wife of Seal pushed out her chest and booty every chance she got.

Pulling back the curtain: revealing her costume, the star re-enacted the iconic movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, starring Bob Hoskins.

And the long purple gloves looked as if they were painted on

Red pumps were a perfect fit.

Her face was completely different. Heidi had very large lips and eyebrows worn very high. Her shadow was purple and her lashes were inches long.

Plenty of front: With her eye-popping costume, the model was certainly the star attraction at her Halloween bash

‘Let’s get this party started,’ the Project Runway star alerted her friends and fans alongside a photo that showed her fresh-faced with hair pulled back into a tight bun.

Heidi sat still as the technicians applied flesh-toned make-up to her forehead and cheeks before lowering a thick, skin-like mask over her entire face.

Just her eyes, nose and mouth were peeking out as the make-up experts worked tirelessly perfecting the ‘face.’

Now in its 16th year, Heidi’s annual Halloween bash will be held at the upscale Italian eatery and nightclub Lavo and sponsored by GSN’s ‘Hellevator’ and Svedka Vodka.

Another model: Also at the event was Gigi Hadid who dressed as Sandy from 1978 blockbuster Grease

She nailed the look: Hadid looked gorgeous in her tight black outfit with a wig. She also held onto a cigarette and had on sexy red pumps.

Old chums? The two catwalkers looked like close pals as they had their arms around each other.

And, as you were...Heidi left Jessica Rabbit in New York, posting this photo of her looking more familiar after the Halloween bash

And then, after all is said and done, Heidi left Jessica in New York and flew home to Los Angeles (sans the latex and eyelashes) to be with her puppy and children!

Watch more of Heidi transforming into Mrs. Rabbit.

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