7 of the Oddest Yet Most Incredible Natural Phenomena

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Sometimes mother nature can shift from normal to terrifying and sometimes to a phenomenon that is downright bizarre. Here are some natural phenomena that have baffled both ordinary people and experts alike.

1. Venezuela’s Eternal Light Show

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Catatumbo lightning, or better known as relámpago del Catatumbo to the natives, is an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs solely in the Catatumbo River in Venezuela. It happens on the mouth of the river and strikes up to Lake Maracaibo. What’s phenomenal about this light show is that the flashes of lighting occur for a groundbreaking 160 nights a year.


The area is known to be the largest generator of the ozone around earth. The estimated 176,000 electrical discharges per year have been used as a source of light—thus earning the term “Maracaibo Beacon” from the shipping industry—for ships since it can still be spotted even from a distance of 400 km.

However, the phenomenon was cut short last 2010 due to the drought that occurred in the area. It raised fears that the lighting was extinguished completely. Luckily, it has continued over the years and had averaged to as many as 10 hours a night and 280 times each hour.


An explanation for the strange event can be attributed to the area itself. With features of terrains such as the Andes Mountains surrounding the spot, it creates wind patterns that mix both cool and hot air, thus boosting the chances of a storm occurring. This, coupled with the high source of methane gas from organic matter, helps feed the storm.

2. Rain of Fishes in Honduras


Forget cats and dogs, in Honduras, it happens to be raining fishes. But don’t take this in a literal sense, as Lluvia de Peces is merely the name of the festival that culminates the phenomenon. What really happens is the natural darkening of the sky before a storm happens, and after which, heavy rains that last for an average of 2 to 3 hours take place. Fishes are then found in fresh water, thus making it seem like the rain has brought them.


Scientists have explained that these fishes are nothing like a paranormal. They and travel by cave systems due to the heavy seasonal rain.

3. Tree Goats of Morocco


The argan tree attracts the goats, making them go as far as climbing them in order to consume its fruits. Goats climbing in steep places isn’t anything new, as several species of mountain goats have been known to be capable of balancing in cliffs. But still, this is quite a sight to behold.


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