Indian Family About to Set a New Guinness World Record as the World’s Largest Albino Family


An Indian couple have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. They, along with their children, comprise the world’s biggest albino family. The ten members of the Pullan family, which is headed by Rosetauri and his wife, Mani, all have pale skin and almost white hair that is characteristic of albinos.

They are overcoming years of prejudice and struggles and gaining fame by landing a Guinness world record.

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The Pullans’ sons Shankar, Vijay, and Ramkishan, and their daughters Renu, Deepa, and Pooja have all inherited their albinism.

Renu is also married to a man who has albinism. Their son Dharamraj also has the condition.

The family live in a one-bedroom abode in Delhi. Many Indians find it hard to believe that they really are from the country. They are wrongly called “angrez,” which means English.

They have vision problems and cannot stay under the sun for very long, but they try their best to live their life. Albinism is rare and affects one in 17,000 people.

Those who have the condition do not produce enough melanin, which is what gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes. The condition makes them sensitive to the sun.

Sensitivity to light and vision problems like extreme short-sightedness are common in albinos.

Rosetauri and Mani married in 1983. They moved from Southern India to Delhi. The couple say they have lived a tough life and have often been treated as outsiders. Mani says that despite the struggles the family faces, she sees the condition as a gift from God.

A spokesperson for the Guinness World Records said they will contact the Pullans to verify their records of being the world’s largest albino family. The current record holder is a family of six who live in the United States and Canada.

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