Meet Jia Jia – the Interactive Robot Goddess That Looks Eerily Similar to a Real Woman

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Could this be the most realistic-looking robot in the world?

Jia Jia was recently unveiled in China, probably a response to that equally strange Scarlett Johansson robot built in March 2016. She does appear to be eerily similar to a real person, complete with pursed, pink lips, and a well-rounded face.

To top it off, Jia Jia is capable of realistic facial expressions and even speech.

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Chen Xiaoping, who directed the team who made the rather sexist robot, designed Jia Jia to refer her male creators as “lord.” She is also made to adapt into modern-day Internet trends such as the “selfie,” and sometimes she even tells people not to stand too close to her when taking a photo as this makes her face look fat.

Even though this sounds so absurd and alarming at the same time, Xiaoping seems pretty much pleased with himself, especially with the three long years he needed to complete this project. He does create an issue toward the future of robotics, as his creation serves as a deterring factor when it comes to building a real woman’s confidence.

“Don’t come too close to me when you are taking a picture. It will make my face look fat,” Jia Jia would tell anyone who steps close to her. She also made sure to greet everyone in the room during her big reveal.

Despite her impressive output, Jia Jia’s mass production is currently withheld. According to Xiaoping and the team, there are still more areas that need work.

According to reports, Jia Jia may already exhibit human movements such as eye rolling and lip movements according to speech. But her ability to cry and laugh is still in the works.

This isn’t the first robot that Xiaoping and his team had designed. They made a more friendly one called Keija, which acted as a service bot and even made it to first place during the RoboCup championship in 2014.

Whether this be the start of a disturbing trend of ultra-sexist robots designed by men, robotics will always have a place in the industry. Thankfully, there are more service-oriented designs out there compared to the likes of Jia Jia or the Scarlett Johansson replica strangely named Mark 1.  Many robots, and humanoids for that matter, have served as assistants in hospitals to children with autism and senior citizens alike.

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