8 Most Intriguing Mysteries in the World and the Truth Behind Them


Humans are susceptible to mysteries, and most of the time, our curiosity leads us to fear of the unknown. Sure, the human race have been able to discover universes and have progressed to achieving what were once thought to be impossible, yet there are still unexplained mysteries that nobody can explain—despite claiming that we have the world at our fingertips.

Here are some formerly unsolved mysteries that are now explained, and while it takes away some of the magic, at least there is more that we know about the vast world. Check them out:

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Crop Circles

In the 1960s, the appearance of the crop circles and their baffling patterns mysteriously appeared overnight in an Australian sugarcane field. After a few decades, these circles appeared in more places, with the patterns evolving into more complex designs. The owner of the first crop circle claimed to have seen a saucer-shaped UFO hovering over the field, and that time, these flying saucers were popular in sci-fi cultures. However, his claim was debunked and the crop circles were deemed to be man-made hoaxes.

While most crop circles look extraterrestrial, they are the work of talented pranksters who were fast enough to make these designs overnight. Most of these circles were flattened using only household supplies such as ropes and planks, so there’s no need for aliens to have to go out of their way for that.

Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch)

He scares the hell out of hikers and hunters in North America, but experts consider Bigfoot as a result of many urban legends and hoaxes. While there are many different kinds of endangered and bizarre species on the planet, something as big as Bigfoot will have to leave behind more evidence of its existence, like footprints, fecal matter, and such. Besides, it has lived on for hundreds of years, so either it’s immortal like a vampire, or it actually has a population so that it can breed.

A man called Bob Heironimus once said he spotted one such species but later on admitted to wearing an ape suit to stage a fake sighting.

UFOs and Area 51

Most people who have claimed to have spotted UFOs eventually admitted to having faked their evidences, and with photo manipulation made easy nowadays, it is also very easy to fake them today.

UFOs may or may not exist, but the thing is that if they do, they probably won’t be too interested in our little planet anyway. As astronomers estimated, there are at least 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, one of them our own Milky Way galaxy, which itself contains about 400 billion stars. The Earth is relatively young compared to the rest of the massive universe, so it is highly unlikely that aliens would be interested in our puny planet. We’re definitely interested in them, though.

The Loch Ness Monster

Nessy has been famous for so long, there is no way to pinpoint when the tale of her existence actually started. Like Bigfoot, there have been a lot of sightings, but there’s not one that’s enough to convince people of its actual existence. There are also some who believed that Nessy may have been a surviving Plesiosaur, but considering that the Loch lake is only 10,000 years old compared to the dinosaur’s existence from a million years ago, the numbers don’t add up.

The Belmez Faces

In 1971, a woman from the Spanish village of Belmez claimed that a human face appeared mysteriously on her cement floor. She had the floor destroyed and replaced, but instead, more and more faces appeared, attracting thousands of visitors every day. She later found out that the house, which was built around 1830, sat on top of a graveyard used by Romans, Spanish, Muslims, and even Medieval Christians. The mysterious appearances could be accounted to the spirit world, but this isn’t so.

Thanks to modern technology, scientists were able to analyze the molecular changes, and it seems that the faces were actually made by the woman’s son, Diego, who spent years scaring his mother until she eventually died.

The Bermuda Triangle

In the triangle between Florida, San Juan, and Bermuda, crashes and disappearances of countless airplanes and ships make the imaginary triangle one of the most mysterious places on the planet. However, there is a simple explanation for all these unfortunate events: the area is said to be the most heavily-sailed shipping lanes in the world, which means that if you take into account the the number of maritime incidents happening, they essentially have the same ratio of safe vs unsafe travels. It is only that they are more publicized compared to other places that makes the Bermuda Triangle seem more dangerous.

The Pyramid Power

How the Egyptians were able to make perfectly proportioned gigantic pyramids before the invention of the wheel baffled people, but what made them mysterious are their apparent “powers.”

In the 1940s, a French hardware dealer discovered that animal corpses in the pyramid showed no signs of decomposition, calling the phenomena Pyramid Power. While this may be interesting, the only real explanation for the odd preservation is that there’s a very good mummification process done either by the Egyptians, or the sum of the natural events that occur, like the heat and humidity in the area.

The Stonehenge

Still one of the greatest unexplained mysteries of the world is the 5,000-year-old Stonehenge. Excavations showed that the stones were actually from the mountains of Wales and were dragged more than 240 miles to get to their current location. Because this was done before the invention of the wheel, nobody was really able to explain how the stones got there or what they were used for. It could have been a temple, a fortress, or if you watch Doctor Who, it’s the hiding place of the Pandorica.

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