Ivan Stoiljkovic is the World’s Most Powerful ‘Magnetic Boy’

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In Koprivnica, Croatia, a seemingly normal six-year-old boy is astonishing several doctors. Ivan Stoiljkovic has a bizarre ability. He is able to attract metals of all kinds to his upper body. He can carry up to 55 pounds of metal on his upper torso. This ability enable him to set the world record for the Most Powerful “Magnet Boy” in the world.

As a part of his ability to attract metal to his body, his family also says that Ivan possesses extraordinary strength and even healing powers. His family says that Ivan was already rollerblading at 15 months old, walking at 8 months and was already driving a motorcycle at less than 2 years.

Ivan’s family swears that due to his extraordinary power, Ivan’s wounds specially in the chest heals quickly than normal and never leaves a scar. They also witness Ivan easing the pain of his grandfather’s stomach ailment and a neighbor who was involved in a accident. One thing that seems to be a drawback of Ivan’s ability is that he can’t go near computers because the devices stop working when he is near.

So far, doctors haven’t found out what causes Ivan’s ability.

Check out the pictures of this amazing boy with some weird and outlandish ability.





Side effects: Ivan can carry up to  25kg of metal on his body but he says that he tires quickly when using his magnetic powers










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