Jet Fighter Flew Extremely Low Right Over A Crowd- You Won’t Believe What Happened

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The Blue Angels flew high in the sky last week for a spectacular show in Pensacola, Florida, giving the audience an up close stint.

Together with the pilots from the Marines and the Navy, the Blue Angels are the flight demonstration squadron of the U.S. Navy that is known for performing various flying and aerial stunts.

In the footage uploaded on YouTube, the jets drove by and performed some sort of aerial acrobatics. While most of the crowd got the chance to see an awesome performance, others seemed to have seen something more than they ever hoped for. There was a point when the jets flew very low to the ground that they surprisingly sent the blankets, tents, and beach umbrellas high into the air.

Some people responded by going after their objects, but others just laughed and applauded. At the end of the day, everybody seemed to really like the stunt. And, nobody was hurt by the flying beach umbrellas.

Since the video was shared on July 11, it has become the talk of the town and has reached almost five million views. According to the website, the air show featured seven F-18 Hornets, commonly known as fighter jets, which left the spectators in awe as they sped off to 700 mph.




Check out this video:


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