10 Jobs That Are Plainly Bizarre but Are Actually High-Paying


Not all work is all about sitting for eight hours, facing the computer screen, answering calls, or about carrying loads. In case you don’t know, there are actually nine to five jobs where you have to do the strangest of all strange things.

Here are ten of these unusual jobs, which surprisingly pay well.

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Medical Tattoist


For anyone who loves to show off some skin, scars are a big no. But accidents are inevitable and we have to face the ugly truth that we’re all going to get scars at some point. But worry not because there are people who can help you hide those marks.

They are called medical artists, and their job is to help people who suffer from insecurities because of the scars on their skin. They can also put permanent eyeliner on women for extra income.



This might be a difficult job for others, but embalmers, who have to deal with the dead, actually get a high pay.

Lab Rat Breeder


All these guys have to do is to take good care of the rodents in the laboratory so they would be extra prepared for further experimentation.

Child Wrangler


Well, this would do best if you love kids. Child wranglers are tasked to put kids in a good mood while they are doing important appearances on TV or when they have to do a photo shoot.

Dog Psychologist


Dogs also suffer separation anxiety and depression just like humans. They can also be very aggressive. Dog psychologists are there to ease their mental and emotional problems.

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