Latest Life Hack for Frequent Fliers …Never Lose Your Luggage Again?

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If you are a frequent flier, then you know how horrible it feels to lose your luggage at the airport.

This man has experienced numerous times. Fearful that it would eventually happen again, he came up with a brilliant idea to avoid losing his luggage. His life-hack remained a secret until one Reddit user spoiled it.











Thanks to Reddit user Jew3lrose, the man’s trick was revealed. With this idea, no matter what color your baggage or suitcase is, you will never fear losing it.

Jew3lrose’s post shows a photo of the man and a caption that says, “The best way to never lose luggage is also a shrine to your former self.”


Obviously, the man’s suit case is designed uniquely. It has a photo of him, which appears to be taken several years ago. As expected, commenters reacted to this hilariously. Amicus8BCyriae wrote, “This man knows what life is all about.” SomeSwedishGirl also left a comment, “That won’t stop the airline from shipping it to the wrong airport.”

Since it was uploaded, the man’s photo has been viewed over two million times.



Here are other ways for you not to lose your luggage again:


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