Latest Trend That Glows …If You’re Brave Enough For Backroom Surgery

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As long as there have been youth, nothing seems too far beyond their ability to push the envelope on the latest trends.  Whether it’s a new style of clothes, video games, gadgets, or the latest cool hairstyle, kids will eat it up.

Some trends are permanent, like these LED implants.


The implant is the size of a small coin. It’s a Northstar V1 silicone-coated chip that has LED lights.


The chip is put in to emulate bio-luminescence, the natural phenomenon that butterflies and deep sea fish are able to do.




Having this inserted requires surgery, but many doctors are not willing to do the procedure.

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Some people try to do self-surgery which is so dangerous and can lead to complications. Other people can go to body modification artists like Jowan Österlund. At the Cyborg Fair in Germany, he installed three of these implants.


After making a small incision, the chip is inserted just beneath the skin’s surface.

Tim Cannon founded the company that created the implant, and he was one of the three people who had it inserted under his skin.




The device was originally called Circadia, and it was the size of a pack of cigarettes. It was designed to record data about the user’s body.

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These smaller devices also record data. Along with the health-monitoring software, the data is linked to mobile devices.



Watch the video below.

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