Man Discovers Tunnel to Hidden City in His Basement



When renovating a structure, there is one simple rule. Be sure you know what you are destroying or else, you might end up damaging the wirings, the pipes, and some other load-bearing beams. But, it was entirely a different story for one man, when he rebuilt his home in Turkey.

In 1963, a man from the province of Turkey was redoing his house. However, he wasn’t really paying attention to the process and knocked down a wall. When he did this, he discovered something unexpected. He found a secret tunnel. It was one of the many hidden passageways that lead to the ancient underground city of Derinkuyu.


Derinkuyu was a huge city built 60 meters below Cappadocia. It was believed to be built between the 7th and 8th century and was still used until 1923.

The city had 18 chambers, which served as the shelter to 20,000 people. It also had churches, wineries, a school, and food storage, as well as vents to the surface and several hidden entrances. All these tell us that the city was built as a preventative measure to protect the population at times of wars or natural disasters.


Most of the underground city’s entrances are hidden, and each of the five levels can be separately closed using huge stone doors.

After Derinkuyu was rediscovered, it has become famous as the largest of the underground cities in the area. Since then, it was also opened to tourists. But now, only half of the city is available to the public. With regard to the person who accidentally discovered this wonder, we hope he got a better home.


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