Man Obsessed with Getting Buff Drinks Strangers’ Breast Milk, Believing It Helps Build Muscle


A lot people who are trying to get buffed try drastic measures just to achieve the kind of body they want. They either have to follow a strict diet or take different supplements.

Thirty-two-year-old Danny Davidson doesn’t do any of that. He has a rather bizarre way to get a muscular build.

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Davidson, a fitness instructor, drinks 100 ml of breast milk several times a week, saying the milk complements his training regime and it helps him build up his muscles.

But his 31-year-old wife, Debbie, thinks otherwise. Although she’s okay with her husband spending $29 to $58 a week on his odd habit, she is worried about his overall health.

Davidson’s weekly routine actually puts himself at risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis since he is merely buying breast milk from strangers. He purchases them from a Web site dedicated to people who consume breast milk from around the world, making the risk of infection high.

But if you ask Davidson himself, he says that the risk is worth the shot. He explains that he has noticed a lot of difference ever since he began to drink breast milk. He says that he feels a lot bigger and stronger. He is well aware about the dangers, but he is willing to take a chance.

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