Man Obsessed with Getting Buff Drinks Strangers’ Breast Milk, Believing It Helps Build Muscle


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Davidson first discovered the unusual technique five years ago. He says, “There were these big rugby guys at the gym and they said they drank breast milk to build muscle. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked and a little bit skeptical that it would work.”

According to Davidson, breast milk is the secret behind his toned body. He believes that it is the best supplement for building muscles because it contains growth hormones. There aren’t enough existing studies that would disprove Davidson’s claims, but there’s nothing that could say it’s completely true either.

Ever since Davidson discovered this bizarre method, his chest size blew up from medium to an XXL. However, the road to victory is always bitter, like literally bitter, because Davidson says that the taste of breast milk is actually quite bad but you have no other choice but to just get used to it.


Apart from ordering online, Davidson also gets supplies from a network of credible women in North London. But Debbie prefers that he drinks her breast milk once they have their baby. She says, “I’d rather him drink my own, at least then I know it’s clean and safe. But only after the baby has had enough. The baby comes first not him.”

Although Debbie isn’t really supportive about her husband’s weird habit, she does admit that she is happy with the results. She explains that she feels protected and safe every time she’s with him because of his size.

Despite his good intentions, Davidson has gained mixed reactions from people. His brother and mother even nicknamed him after a famous the 25-year-old Little Britain character named Bitty, who likes to drink his mother’s breast milk.

But the fitness instructor just puts those jokes aside and continues on doing what he does, saying, “It’s like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.”

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