Man Forms an Unlikely Friendship with a Penguin …See Why This Pet is So Special!

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We all love our pets… be it our loyal dog, cat or maybe even a hamster, but how about a penguin that follows you wherever you go? Do Penguins make a good pet? Well, for Brazilian widower João Pereira de Souza, it does.

João lives in a small fishing village along the Brazilian coast. One day, he just found himself forming an unlikely friendship with an adorable penguin he calls Jinjing.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, João saw the penguin on a beach, covered in oil. He immediately grabbed the little guy, put him in a shady area, then fed him some sardines.




After that, he brought the penguin back to the waters so that he could go back to where he came from. But there was one problem—the little guy didn’t want to go back. He just wiggled and wobbled back out of the sea and moved toward João.

João said, “He never left me again.”

It’s been four years since the incident, though Jinjing occasionally goes out of town, he always finds his way back to João and his village where Jinjing has quickly become very popular as the “village mascot”.

But what do you think makes this story very special? Apparently, it is the unique friendship and bond formed by João and Jinjing and the lesson we can learn from them that it is really important to have a companion in life.

For people who are depressed, anxious, and lonely, spending time with animals can provide therapeutic benefits.

Studies suggest that spending time with these creatures can help lower stress level and help people recover from trauma. Aside from that, having an animal friend can also help establish connections between people.

For example, anyone who owns a dog knows that it is nearly impossible to take them out for a walk without meeting at least other dog lovers. This is supported by a study published 15 years ago, which says simple dog walks can help start conversations with strangers.




In addition, having a pet can also help you become physically healthy. How? Just the simple act of having to walk the dog gives us some very important outdoor activity.

Patagonian Penguin Finds Second Home in Brazil

Patagonian Penguin Finds Second Home in Brazil

Whatever benefits you can reap from an animal relationship, João and Jinjing are living proof of the rewards of having a pet.



Watch João and Jinjing’s story in the video below.

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