Man Sleeps with the Dead in a Century-Old Tomb After Losing His Own House


Do you find it creepy when you hear random sounds in the middle of the night? Do you feel scared sleeping alone in the dark even if it’s inside the comfort of your home? If you feel that way, then just imagine how 43-year-old Bratislav Stojanovic feels . . . sleeping in a cemetery.

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Stojanovic, a homeless man, moved into a cemetery in Nis, Serbia, 15 years ago. The tenant of a burial plot, a family who passed away more than 100 years ago, now shares their resting place with Stojanovic. He even gave the tomb a makeover to make himself feel more at home.


According to Stojanovic, sleeping in the cemetery is better than spending a night on the street. He was forced to move to the cemetery when he lost his home in the town due to debts. Being a homeless person, he slept on the streets for months before finally deciding to transfer.

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Stojanovic would forage the cemetery for candles during the day and at night, only his candle would light up the silent and dark night. However, it has become difficult for him to find candles since the cemetery is now closed.

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