Man Spends $100,000 to Visit Every Starbucks on the Planet

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A man from Houston is spending lots of his money to visit every Starbucks on the planet, even though he really doesn’t like their coffee.

Rafael Lazano, who hides under the nickname “Winter”, promised to visit each one of the 17,000+ Starbucks store locations all across the world. He has spent more than $100,000 since he started this odd idea in 1997.

So far, he has already been to 11,733 shops of the famed coffee chain. As much as possible, he visits about 29 locations in one day. However, he doesn’t really drink their coffee.

He told The Telegraph, “I respect Starbucks for its business sense, customer service, and amenities, including clean bathrooms and WiFi. But unless I am checking a new store off my list, I would not go there for the coffee”.

Winter has a website, called “Starbucks Everywhere”, where he posts photos of his every visit to company-owned shops.



In every shop, he drinks at least a sample-serving of coffee.

Back in 1997, there were only about 1,400 Starbucks shops in the world. But now, there are more than 17,000, scattered in countries. So, Winter has to change his ambitious plan, something he never expected his entire life.

“When I came up with the idea, the barista told me he thought there were about 1,500 stores, and only in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan. The number seemed manageable. If I had known how big it would become, I might not have decided that the goal was to visit every Starbucks in the world,” he said.




As a freelance software programmer, 42-year-old Winter drinks about ten cups of coffee in a day. And even if there is a non-stop expansion in this coffee chain, he still wants to push through with his plan. He even spent $1,400 just to visit a Starbucks shop in British Columbia, before it closed.

“As you can imagine, Starbucks is not going anywhere. I can see myself visiting new stores as an old man,” he explained.










Among all locations he visited, the shop on Duddell Street in Hong Kong is his favorite.



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