10 Markets Around the World That Sell the Most Eccentric Goods


If you are to put up a shop, what would you sell? Bet it could either just be food or clothes or maybe gadgets. Pretty sure you’re thinking about something else, something that you love yourself and would become big. But no matter what you choose to sell and how you design your shop, that will never be as mind-boggling as these very weird markets.

These shops aren’t your typical markets where you can purchase your groceries. What these storeve has to offer are the creepiest and unusual “merchandise” you will ever see, and by unusual, we’re talking about llama fetus, chicken hearts, cow stomach, Gypsy brides, and many more.

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Here are ten markets that sell the strangest goods.

Deyrolle Taxidermy Shop (Paris, France)

Deyrolle used to be an institution for pedagogy and natural sciences, but now it’s one of the creepiest places in Paris, thanks to its taxidermy shop. As if one taxidermy isn’t creepy enough, this market has a whole batch of these spiritless stuffed animals. Imagine wandering around the shop while the lifeless eyes of dead animals are staring at you.

Muara Kuin Floating Market (Banjarmasin, Indonesia)

The inhabitants use tiny boats locally called jukung as a means of transportation—and as a shop. The floating market has become an important part of the culture and history in Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

Ka Firushi Bird Market (Kabul, Afghanistan)

The Ka Farushi bazaar in Afghanistan is truly a haven for bird lovers. These shops sell birds like canaries, budgerigars, and other songbirds. Partridges and quails are sold as fighting birds. But perhaps the most popular ones are the birds of prey like hawks, eagles, etc.

Gypsy Brides Market (Bulgaria)

The Romani people have a unique tradition that most people might see as controversial. At the age of 15, the girls are pulled out from school in order to prevent undesirable relationships with boys. When the girl is at a suitable age, she is then sold by her own parents in a Gypsy Bride market. Prices can soar up to $6,000 if the girl is desired by many.

Diagon Wizard Alley and Shops (London, UK)

Harry Potter fans rejoice! There’s actually a Diagon alley in London just like the Harry Potter books and movies. Here, you can see the famous locations in the Harry Potter lore like  Gringotts Wizarding Bank, Ollivanders, Weasleys’s Wizard Wheezes, and so much more! You can also purchase your own magic wand and other Harry Potter memorabilia.

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