10 Markets Around the World That Sell the Most Eccentric Goods


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Fes el-Bali Tanneries (Morocco)

Fes el-Bali is a town in Morocco that offers a unique shop that sells rare spices, urns, musical instruments, and ancient leather tanneries that are a thousand years old! What makes this town market unique is that it barely changed since its foundation during the eighth century, giving you a feeling like you’re living in an ancient time.

Lomé Voodoo Supermarket (Togo, West Africa)

The first thing that comes into people’s mind when talking about Haiti is voodoo, but this religion actually originated in West Africa. In Lome, Africa, you can find a voodoo supermarket. As expected, you can purchase bizarre charms and freaky ritual ingredients like monkey corpses, and human skulls. Since the market is an open area, there’s little you can do with the foul stench.

Mercado de las Brujas or the Witch’s Market (Bolivia)

We’re keeping the list on a freaky streak. This time, we have the fascinating witch market in Bolivia or locally known as the Mercado de las Brujas. The goods sold here include snake venom, funky herbs, charms, and the most popular one—dried llama fetus.

Anti Zombie Store (Las Vegas, USA)

Zombies have truly dominated pop culture. You can see them in movies, video games, and TV series. We have always depicted them as fictional creatures, but just in case these monsters decide to get out of the screen and invade us for real, you can purchase anti-zombie gear in the Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas. The shop sells stun guns, swords, and other zombie-wrecking essentials.

Aside from the anti-zombie equipment, the store also has zombie survival guides, packaged food, and other necessary items for you to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Exotic Foods in Wangfujing Food Market (Beijing, China)

For those who want to try out exotic foods in Beijing, China, you can visit the bustling commercial street Wangfujing. The food shops there sell edible chicken hearts, tarantulas, scorpions, cow stomach, and other delightful treats.

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