McDonald’s Weddings are An Epic Way not to Break the Bank

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Are you planning for your wedding? Basically, there are plenty of things to be considered. And sometimes, it is so hard to come up with a unique wedding idea just to make your big day extra special. Well now, you don’t really have to worry on this. With so many options available, you can surely find one that will turn your wedding dreams into a reality.

Among all distinct choices, McWeddings seem to be the most practical option. If given the chance, would you want to try this on your future wedding?

Check out these couples who tied the knot at McDonald’s:

Trisha and Tyree

In Fairborn, Ohio, another couple proved their loyalty and love for McDonald’s.

Trisha Lynn Esteppe and Tyree Henderson exchanged their vows at a McDonald’s branch, where they first met three years ago and worked together.

According to Trisha, they both couldn’t think of a more romantic place to celebrate their wedding. So, in 2006, she walked down a white aisle laid on the floor of the restaurant, not far from the area where employees take the orders of customers.

Reverend James Hartman, the priest who officiated the wedding, said that it was his first fastfood wedding and it was “just wonderful”.

An Unknown Couple

This special young couple decided to jump the broom. Seems they spent all their money on the dress and tuxedos and there wasn’t quite enough left over to have a their reception some place special.

So when you only have $35.75 left in your budget, you have your reception at McDonald’s. That’s right. Bride and groom told the wedding party that the fries were on them.

The groom was quoted, “I didn’t even have to order off the Dollar menu. And I’mma have $4.23 left after we eat. Just enough to get us gas to get back home.”

Steven and Emily

It seems that Hong Kong isn’t the only country that has McDonald’s restaurants that feature McWeddings. Here is one couple from UK. Because they wanted to do something different on their wedding day, Steven and Emily decided to celebrate their new life at McDonald’s, the bride’s favorite place.



After the solemn ceremony held at the Bristol registry office, the couple arrived in a white stretch limousine at a McDonald’s branch. According to reports, the 28-year-old groom and the 21-year-old bride spent the rest of their special day at a branch of the fastfood chain off the M5 motorway. They only ate a chicken legend meal, worth £5.09, and a box of chicken McNuggest, which costs £4.29.

The manager of the restaurant then gave the couple a bottle of champagne. However, they were told not to drink them while on the premises.

After the feast, Steve said, “We were both shaking throughout the ceremony, we were nervous. Everyone seemed to find our reception at McDonalds really interesting”. Emily, on the other hand, admitted she caught a few guests staring, but insisted she doesn’t really care because it was their day.

When asked why they chose McDonald’s, Steve quickly responded, “Everyone loves McDonald’s, don’t they?”

Emily also added, “It was an amazing day. I did get quite a few people staring at me in McDonald’s but I didn’t care – it was my big day and I was there to enjoy myself.”

Newlyweds Emily Marshall and Steve Asher held their wedding reception at McDonalds


Kelvin and Ashley

In Hong Kong, Kelvin Kwong made history after asking the hand of Ashley Tse, his fiancée, for marriage at a McDonald’s restaurant. He became the first ever person, who got down on one knee at McDonalds to declare his love for his girl. Their engagement party became the inaugural event of a newly promoted nuptial service at a McDonald’s franchise in the city. After one week, the first real wedding was held at the same McDonalds location. But this time, it was a different couple and the media was present.

In 2006, Hong Kong uplifted the law that prohibits weddings to be held outside the city hall or in places of worship. Since then, entrepreneurs burst out like mushrooms, offering their own unique wedding ideas, which are held in shopping malls, underwater, and on boats. McDonalds, which has been in the city starting 1975, participated in the trend and offered distinct wedding packages as well.

ESD Life estimates that the wedding industry in Hong Kong earns up to $10.7 Hong Kong dollars, or $1.37 billion a year. It is also known that an average couple spends around $29,2000 to have lavish wedding banquets, dowries, and a variety of outfit changes. Given that a typical household only earns $2,250 per month, it might take years for a guy to pull of a grand wedding.

It is for that reason that McDonald’s introduced their very own McWedding package. The price starts at $1,280, and it already includes food and drinks for 50 people, gifts for the guests, invitation cards with a wedding photo of the couple, and a cake made of piled apple pies.

During the event, the employees of McDonald’s all dress in black suits and imitate the actions and gestures of hostesses at luxury hotels. They welcome the guests at the entrance, and then assist them to the signature book. By the time the food is ready, they serve it to everybody, even if it is just fries or Big Mac.

Shirley Change, the managing director of more than 226 McDonalds outlets in HongKong, explained that the McWeddings were patterned after local traditions, particularly Chinese numerology beliefs that tell the perfect dates for weddings and other important events. Kelvin and Ashley were then given a picture frame designed like Ronald McDonald, and marked with “138”, a limited edition number.

Couples who get married at McDonalds Hong Kong get the chance to wear a white balloon wedding gown, and receive a crystal McDonald’s house wedding gift.

McDonalds has since hosted a lot of wedding parties. In fact, they’ve extended their services from three restaurants to 15. Apart from hosting traditional wedding ceremonies, they are now accepting engagement parties, bridal showers, and anniversaries.

Ms. Chang added, “We started the program because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating…McDonald’s is where their love stories grew. This connection is exactly why they want to hold their wedding parties and even anniversary parties at McDonald’s—to relive sweet beginnings and bring their romantic story full circle.”


The fastfood giant offers four wedding packages for every couple, with $1,290 as the most expensive and $373 as the most affordable. While the inclusions of the deluxe package are a 2-hour venue rental, 50 invitations, McDonaldland character gifts for 50 guests, a pair of McD’s balloon wedding rings, wedding gifts, apple pie cake display, bridal bouquet, decorations, and a Crystal McDonald’s house, the least expensive option include gifts for 20 guests and about $140 in food.

Here are other couples who got married at random McDonald’s restaurants:

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