Mind-Boggling Images Show What Happens to a Rafting Park in China


Wouldn’t it be a hassle to go on a rafting holiday, but your raft would go nowhere?

According to China’s People’s Daily Online, hundreds of tourists were stranded in Henan. Photographs released on August 4 showed tourists trapped on a rafter resort bank as there boats couldn’t simply move.

Photographs released August 4 show hundreds of tourists trapped on the river bank at the busy resevoir as there was no where to go

Hundreds of tourists were trapped on the river bank at the busy reservoir as there was nowhere to go.

Thousands of tourists were said to have flocked to the Yao mountain scenic area in Henan to escape the summer heat over a weekend

To escape the harsh summer heat, thousands of tourists flocked to the Yao Mountain, a scenic area in Henan over the weekend. The photos show hundreds of tourists fighting for space on the densely packed river rafts. The rafts were very close to each other that they formed a land mass. People just hopped from one boat to another. What made the matter worse was that more and more rafts were lowered into the water even though there was no longer enough space.

Late arrivals to the scenic area had to wait for boats on the bank of the river, in the sweltering heat, while wearing all their safety gear

The tourists who arrived late were forced to wait under the heat with all their safety gears on.

This phenomenon is not rare, though, as similar scenes were observed in various rafting sites in the country such as in the Da Jue Si in southern China and Yuxi Rafting Park in Henan.

According to People’s Daily, over 10,000 people have flocked to Da Jue Si for rafting on August 1. The tourists found themselves waiting for their turn for more than four hours before they got on a boat. Fights have even broken out in the overcrowded area, according to the report.

Free accommodation or ticket refunds were offered to many tourists as a result of the overcrowding.

Rafters are seen pushing and shoving each other's boats to try and move out of the stalemate at Yuxi Grand Canyon, above, in July

At Yuxi Grand Canyon, tourists were shoving and pushing each other’s boats to try to move out of the stalemate.

The busy scene at Yuxi shows that even if you manage to get on to a boat, it does not guarantee that you'll get to go rafting

This picture in Yuxi shows that tourists who managed to get on a boat were still trapped and were not guaranteed to go rafting.

Watch the experience of Chinese people on their river rafting.

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