Miniskirt Stolen from Chinese Girl While Walking in the Street


This is probably one of the most bizarre videos you will see on the Internet.

It shows a woman walking down the street, and her miniskirt gets stolen right there in broad daylight. The video shows a man walking quickly, then he pushes the woman down, and pulls off her skirt. The bystanders did not bother to help the girl or go after the thief.

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The woman, who was shocked by the whole ordeal, just gets up and starts walking again. It is unclear if her underwear was also stolen along with the skirt, but in the video, her backside is exposed. The thief appears to go down an alley after taking the skirt. It is not known whether this was a prank or the man is just a pervert.

The man is wearing a beige jacket. There are other people walking down the same alley, but no one helped her or appeared to care what happened to the girl. This thief has not been caught by police.

This has got to be one of the most pointless and strange happenings to ever take place. Perhaps the man just thinks he would look better in the skirt than that girl?

Watch the video below

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