Mom, 57, Goes Under the Knife to Look Like Her 35-Year-Old Daughter


This plastic surgery obsessed mom is spending so much money just to look like her 35-year-old daughter.

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Janet Horrocks, a 57-year-old grandmother from Burnley, Lancashire, will do anything to resemble her daughter, Jane Cunliffe. She began her body transformation in 2001, and it seemed to have worked toward her favor as the two are often mistaken as sisters.


Both Janet and Jane have the same peroxide locks, teeth, and pale skin. But it’s Janet’s quest for eternal youth that sets the bar high in their symmetry, as she has shelled out more than $58,000 on surgery so she’d look like her daughter’s twin.


Jane, on the other hand, is not too thrilled with her mother’s lifestyle choices and maintains that she is anti-surgery but fears that one day, she’ll be mistaken to be older than her own mother.

“My goal was to look like Jane because I created her, so really she had a similar look to me, and I didn’t have a long way to go,” Janet shared to Daily Mail. “I just had to do a bit of playing about with my body and face to look younger.”

“She got her looks from me in the first place. All I am doing is just maintaining that look.”


Janet also maintains a size 8 figure, which she shares with her daughter. The difference is that Janet went under the knife to appear bustier. She opted for two breast augmentation, which gradually took her from a Cup C to an E. That surgery caused Janet around $9,000.


Janet’s plastic surgery story began after she split with Jane’s father.

“I’d put on weight and I felt dowdy and unattractive. I remember looking at Jane and thinking ‘I used to have a figure like yours,” she lamented.


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