This Monster Café in Tokyo Explodes with Vibrant Color and Craziness



If you just love everything kawaii, and you can’t get enough of Japanese culture, then Tokyo’s Kawaii Moster Café is the place to be. Located in the fashionable Tokyo district of Harajuku, the café explodes with vibrant colors and craziness. It even has a large dose of cute appeal.

Sebastian Masuda, a Japanese visual artist who designed the café, decided to divide the place into four zones. Each had a theme of its own – the Milk Stand, the Mushroom Disco, the Jellyfish Bar Experiment, and the Mel-Tea Room. But, among all, it is the Sweets-Go-Round that is getting all the attention.

If you think all the insanely huge baby bottle fixtures, cake-themed ornaments, and melting macaroon towers weren’t enough, they also have a whole staff that dress up like the Monster Girl gang.

In their menu, you will be delighted to see a variety of food selections, which include the rainbow pasta, monster BLT, and poison delights. Obviously, this café is one great place to experience the Japanese pop culture.

The Jellyfish Bar Experiment is encased in a glowing ray of jellyfish tentacles

Mushroom Disco booths

Jellyfish Bar-Experiment

Melting macaroon tower stands in the corner of the Mel Tea-Room



A selection of the rainbow treats

Monster Girls: Baby, Dolly, Candy, Nasty, Crazy

Mel Tea-Room

Giant milk bottles hang from the ceiling as lights in the Milk Stand zone

Mushroom Disco booths



Milk Stand


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