Monster Covered in Shells

Bizarre ‘Monster’ Covered in Shells Found Washed Up Ashore in Wales


A mysterious-looking object was found washed up ashore on a scenic beach in Wales. The “monster” covered in shells has left onlookers baffled over the sight and sparked a debate as numerous people rush to make conclusions on what it is.

Mysterious Sea Monster Covered in Shells Found in Wales

It was supposed to be an ordinary day on Burry Port beach in Carmarthenshire, but the day quickly turned to confusion when residents spotted a giant object covered in thousands of barnacles and shells.

Suzy Watkins was on a beach outing with her family when the bizarre creature came into sight. She shot the now-viral video footage of the ginormous object, which had worm-like creatures visibly coming out of the shells.

People have commented that the creature resembles “an alien life form that has got lost on earth.” Despite the radical conclusions, scientists have no clue to what the creature is or how it managed to wash up ashore.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first strange object found in Wales. In February 2016, the skeleton of what was believed to be a crocodile-like dinosaur was found in Port Talbot Beach, located 28 miles from Burry Port. Some experts concluded that it was a rare type of whale, but to this day, the actual species of the creature remains a mystery.

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Welsh Beach

Similar bizarre sightings around the world

A similar object was discovered on Muriwai Beach in New Zealand just last year. Like the Burry Port creature, the object caused a social media storm. Upon further study by the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society, the alleged “alien” was nothing but a large piece of driftwood.

The driftwood had been invaded by a certain species of gooseneck barnacles called Lepas anatifera. These barnacles are commonly found in large numbers. They attach their flexible stalks to various objects such as timber, piers, pilings, and even seaweed.

Covered in Shells

Another case worth noting is the mysterious worms found on the rocks in Hsinchu, Taiwan, last August 29. The video was uploaded by a woman named Huang Meilan. A shocked Meilan described the creepy crawlies as something she’s never seen anything like before.  

As soon as Meilan uploaded the video online, people have come forward, claiming that the creatures were actually “horsehair worms.” These parasitic creatures intertwine with one another while they use a host to breed. The adult worms are known to survive on land, while the larvae are known to be parasitic toward anthropoids such as beetles, mantids, and crustaceans.

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