Here are 7 of the Most Bizarre Festivals in August from Around the World

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There are weird and unique festivals around the world during August. From playing air guitar in Finland to throwing ripe potatoes, here are few of the most bizarre festivals around the world that you can attend every August.


Air Guitar World Championships

Date and place: August 27–30 in Oulu, Finland.

To be considered the greatest air guitarist in the world, one must win the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland. Thousands attend this annual concert with no instruments. Wannabe rock stars perform lot of finger strumming to win the coveted title as the Best Air Guitarist of the Year.


La Tomatina

Date and place: August 27 in Valencia, Spain.

On the last Wednesday of August every year, the world’s most epic public food fights happen in Valencia, Spain. The event is open to anyone willing to be smacked in the face with tomatoes. Trucks carrying ripe tomatoes line the street to provide the participants with their food ammunition. Once the water cannons are fired, the food fight begins. Participants are told to squish the tomatoes before throwing them for safety precaution. Participants are also advised to wear safety googles and gloves.


National Hobo Convention

Date and place: August 8–10 in Britt, Iowa

This event’s main purpose is to educate the public on the history and lifestyle of hobos. The Hobo Museum is open to all during the convention. In the convention, the Hobo Code, which discuss how to be a responsible vagrant is discussed. Events such as Vagabond Craft Show and Collectibles, a car show, and live music take place.


Bigfoot Daze

Date and place: August 30–31 in Carson, Washington

The Western Bigfoot Society hosts a gathering of Bigfoot hunters to camp out in hope of spotting the elusive creature on every last weekend of August. The gathering also holds many discussions and exhibits. Participants can sign up to compete who has the best Bigfoot cry in the Bigfoot Calling Contest, and they can also partake in the chili cook-off event.


Bull Testicle Festival

Date and place: July 31–August 3 in Clinton, Montana.

The odd Testy Festy festival is held on Clinton, Montana, every year. Thousands of participants gather to taste dishes that range from actual bull testicles to other Clinton delicacies.



World’s Longest Yard Sale

Date and place: August 7–10 from Michigan to Alabama

This is every thrift shopper’s dream: a 690 miles worth of items are at sale during this event. Clearly, you can find anything you want in this sale. Thousands of people display their unused items and junks and sell it to anyone who wants them. The event is called the 127 Corridor Sale. The yard sale stretches from 5 miles north of Addison, Michigan, to Gadsden, Alabama, along Highway 127.


Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

Date and place: August 9–17 in Kettlewell, England

Creepy-looking scarecrows have been some kind of a trademark of the small town of Kettlewell. To celebrate the scarecrows, the town puts a scarecrow festival in August every year. This year will be the twentieth anniversary of the festival.

The event became so popular that thousands of people flock the town, and the festival was expanded to nine days. During the festivals, visitors can participate in finding clues in the fields that will lead them to different scarecrows.


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