10 of the Most Bizarre Items Ever Stolen … A Life Sized E.T. Model, Really?


Everybody hates thieves. They are unscrupulous individuals who steal someone else’s hard-earned money and things. But not all thieves are the same. There are some who take thievery to the extreme. What makes them unique—they don’t steal the usual stuff like cars, jewelries, or money.

Here are ten of the craziest and most bizarre things that some thieves successfully ripped off.

A 10-Ton Steel Bridge

Czech Republic became a victim of one of the most brazen and bizarre thieveries. The ten-ton bridge in the eastern town of Slavkov in Czech was stolen. According to Railway spokesman, Pavel Halla, “It was only after they had gone that checks were made, and we realized we’d been had. The cost of replacing the bridge will run into millions.”

Reports stated that a “train gang” arrived at Slavkov depot with paperwork (forged) that claimed that the footbridge on a disused railway would be dismantled.

The thieves claimed to be hired as a group that would demolish the bridge and to remove the railway track to make way for a cycle route. The thieves were successful in dismantling the bridge and 650 feet of track. It was assumed that the metals were sold as scrap because there was a shortage of metal in the region.

A Condom Machine

A Condom Machine

There were many witnesses who saw Keith Bradford commit his crime. The man brazenly stole a condom machine built on the wall in the toilet of a pub. He walked home with the machine, so there were no shortages of witnesses that saw Mr. Bradford with the machine, including the police who followed him. The police recovered the machine with forty-eight condoms and 127 quarters.

A 350-lb Inflatable Gorilla

A 350-lb Inflatable Gorilla

Who is crazy enough to steal a 350-pound inflatable gorilla? That questions is what the dealership manager of First Kia, 2018 First St. in Simi Valley, California, had been trying to answer.

The stolen giant gorilla inflatable was usually deflated during windy days, so that’s what the employees of the car dealership thought when they didn’t see the subject of the crime. When someone climbed the roof, they discovered that the gorilla was missing. They were all left scratching their head, curious as to why thieves would steal a giant inflatable gorilla.

An Egg Hat (The World’s Largest One)

Greg Da Silva set the world record for having a hat that was made up of 1,000 eggs. While in Halle, Germany, Mr. Da Silva suffered a heatstroke. It was during this time that a thief snuck Da Silva’s record-breaking egg hat away. Da Silva, who is from Benin in West Africa, reported that when he went to the hospital to retrieve his hat, it was already gone. “It was really hot and humid, and I suddenly felt weak,” explained Mr. Da Silva. “The next thing I knew, I was waking up after a day in a coma but without my hat. I must get it back because it is my whole way of life, but I know Germans are very honest people, and I am sure someone will hand it in.”

A Life-Size ET Model

A Life-Size ET Model

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is one of the most successful and well-received films in Hollywood history. It is no surprise then that the life-size model of the alien ET became popular.

One of the few people who owned a life-size replica of the alien was a grandmother named Margaret Wells who lived in Cosham near Portsmouth, UK. The grandmother was left heartbroken when her alien friend was stolen from her home during a burglary. Wells stated that the 3-foot ET replica was given to her by her daughter Louise who created the doll. (Louise created the doll in the course of three months during her make-up course.)

Update: Coast Guards received a call about a body floating off the coast of Old Portsmouth, Handt. When they arrived at the scene, the Coast Guards found the stolen ET replica.



300 Manhole Covers

Los Angeles became a victim of manhole cover theft. More than 300 manhole covers from the city’s street were stolen. In July 1990, the police arrested two individuals who confessed to stealing the manhole covers. Each manhole cover weighed as much as 300 pounds, and the thieves said that they sold the covers for six dollars each to scrap-material dealers. (The thieves could have made thirty times more money if they recycled the same weight of aluminium soft drink cans.)

After the Great Manhole Theft Caper was solved by the Los Angeles police, manhole mania hit Lillehammer, Norway. The place was going to be the site for 1994 Winter Olympics. After officials stamped the covers with the Olympic logo, three 140-pound covers were stolen. A thief returned one of the covers after he “sobered up.”

A Live Shark

A Live Shark

A marble shark, one half of the only breeding pair in UK, was stolen from a shed in Hampshire in 2008. The 2-foot-long mottled brown shark, female, was kept in a brick shed in a garden in Farnborough. The owner, Peter Newman, 68, discovered that the shark was missing after finding the shed door open with the lights turned on.

June, Mr.Newman’s wife, stated that the fish came from Indonesia and was worth around £2,500. The pair had successfully bred six baby sharks.

The couple, who operated an aquatic shop from their home, thought that customers who came to see the baby sharks might have been tempted to steal the mother shark. According to June, the thief (or thieves) would have to use a ladder to get the shark out of the tank.

A 400-pound Bronze Elephant Statue

A 400-pound Bronze Elephant Statue

Darnell family reported that their 400-pound elephant went missing from their Texas home on March 2012. The owners said that they last saw Bon Bon Babar chained to the front porch of their home in West Avenue F, Garland. They believed that Bon Bon Babar couldn’t have escaped on its own . . . because it was a bronze statue.

Although the elephant wasn’t real, the family were still distraught because Bon Bon Babar was a present Beverly Darnell gave to her husband, Gene.

The thieves appeared to have picked up the statue elephant and carried it to its new home because the thieves left no trail. The family just wanted the return of Bon Bon Babar, and they were willing to pay $500 to whoever could bring him back.

Front Lawn Garden

How would you feel if you got your front lawn stolen? Denise Thompson knew the answer to that question. The Thompsons had a thick and green grass for a front lawn. It was where Denise’s children and their two dogs usually played. It was also there that she drank her coffee on sunny mornings.

One day, Denise and her children went to visit her husband. When they returned to their home in the Kilkenny Neighborhood, everything seemed normal . . . until Denise saw her front lawn.

Her beautiful, green front lawn became a swath of ugly, brown dirt. She expected a note that explained the accident, but she couldn’t find one. Her neighbors told her that they saw a white truck and trailer parked at her house. They all thought that the Thompsons were having another landscaping job.

Denise thought that a landscaping company mistakenly messed up the address for a job.

Tons of Beach Sand

Hundreds of tons of white sand from the northern coast of Jamaica went missing. Police were trying to hunt down a group of thieves but to no avail. Report stated that hundreds of truckloads of sand were missing from Coral Spring Beach. Detectives suspected that the tourism industry was to blame. White sand could add value to their business.

White sand was in high demand in the hotel resort industry, that’s why the whole sector was under investigation. But the government was worried that there must be a cover-up within the police force because they failed to arrest anyone for months after the investigation started. Because of this, no less than Prime Minister Bruce Golding ordered for forensic tests on the coastal beaches to check for stolen sands.

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